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Best places for camping near Mumbai, Maharashtra state



Camping is a great way to enjoy nature and spend some time with your family. The best place for camping near Mumbai is KASHID BEACH. It is located at Lonavala, Maharashtra and has plenty of things to do with your kids like swimming in the lake or playing cricket on its shores.

If you want something more adventurous then try camping out at SHIVSAGAR LAKE where there are several places where you can pitch tents or rent tents from local shops that offer these services as well!

About outdoor activities in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of India’s most bustling cities, with a vibrant and exciting atmosphere that never sleeps. With such an environment, it is easy to forget the many outdoor activities that are available in the city to explore. From historical monuments to beachside activities, there is so much to enjoy in the outdoors.

For the adventurous and the outdoorsy, Mumbai offers a variety of trekking and hiking trails, ranging from easy trails to more challenging ones. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park offers many trails, as well as a lake and a waterfall, perfect for an afternoon of exploration. The Mahim beach is also a great spot to spend the day, with its white sand and blue waters.

For those who prefer something a bit more physical, Mumbai also offers plenty of opportunities. Cycling takes place every Sunday morning, and one can also explore the city on foot as there are many well-maintained walking paths. There is also the Joggers’ Park at Marine Drive, which is perfect for an early morning jog or a leisurely walk. For those who are looking for something a bit more relaxing, there are many parks in the city which offer plenty of space to sit, relax, and people-


Kashid Beach is located in Raigad district, Maharashtra. The beach is a perfect place for camping near Mumbai and it’s also very close to the city. It has beautiful hills and mountains surrounding it with an amazing sunset that you can’t miss!


The second place to consider is Shiv Sagar Lake. It is a beautiful place for camping near Mumbai and it is situated about 100 km from Mumbai. The lake has a large size of around 200 sq km and there are many activities that you can do here like boating, fishing, swimming or just relaxing under the sun.

It also has lots of trees on its banks where you can sit down for a while and enjoy nature’s beauty!


Bhisekali Tentcamp is located in Mulshi, Pune. It is a great place to camp with your family and friends. The view of the hills and river is amazing, so you can enjoy your time there even when it rains. The food and hospitality are amazing too!


Location: Located on the outskirts of Mumbai, Anwela Grange is about 40 km from the city.

Price: The camp site charges a minimum fee of Rs 1,000 per night for basic tents and Rs 3,000 for luxury tents (3 person). You can also opt for an all-inclusive package which includes food and drinks during your stay at this place.


There are a total of 14 tents that come with private bathrooms or showers attached to them as well as satellite TV connections if you want one! They also have 2 large barns where people can spend time together while enjoying activities like yoga classes or cooking competitions at their own cost (you must book these balls beforehand).

Amenities: There’s a swimming pool onsite where guests can enjoy cooling off after a day outdoors exploring nearby towns or villages nearby; there’s even laundry services available so if anything gets dirty during your trip it won’t take long before everything is washed again! If someone wants something different from what others may offer then this could be just what they need too…


Mabarum Point is a beautiful place to camp. The location is not too far from Mumbai and it’s easy to reach there by train or bus. If you are coming from the city, then you can take the Dadar-Andheri route and get off at Sewri station, which will help you reach this place in no time.

Once there, explore Manori beach which has many restaurants where one can enjoy seafood dishes served on their tables by waiters dressed in traditional costumes as well as ice creams at reasonable rates! There’s also a museum dedicated to fishermen who used to travel across seas before electricity came into existence (it opened recently).


Location: Lonavala, Maharashtra

Accommodation: Camping, Cottages and Villas.

Facilities: Swimming pool, 2 tennis courts, cricket field and playgrounds.

Cost: Rs 3200 per night (minimum booking required).  There’s also an option to book a table at one of their restaurants for dinner or lunch if you want to eat out while camping. They also provide cabins for those who don’t wish to camp out in tents but prefer a more luxurious experience! The cabins come with air conditioning units inside them so it won’t get too hot during summer months; they’re also equipped with toilets inside them so there won’t be any need for privacy when using these primarily designed as sleeping quarters rather than just being places where people sleep overnight (and sometimes even drink alcohol in!).


If you’re looking for a place to spend the night, this is one of the best campsites in Maharashtra. The Fort, Gadisave Tarf Vendsor is located near Gadisave village and can be reached easily from Mumbai by road or rail. There are several resorts around it which offer rooms at affordable prices; however if you want to stay closer with nature then this camp site offers that too!

Campers will get access to all amenities like bathrooms and toilets along with hot showers at their disposal so don’t worry about anything else except enjoying your time there!

The History

The fort itself has been built by Maratha king Shivaji himself centuries ago but later destroyed by Aurangzeb during his reign as emperor in 1660 AD when he captured many parts of India including Maharashtra’s capital Pune along with other areas like Goa & Gujarat etc.,

but luckily there wasn’t much damage done here because they hadn’t dug deep enough underground – so now tourists can enjoy exploring inside its walls without any fear whatsoever (unless they happen upon some treasure).

Camping near Mumbai is a great option to have an unforgettable evening by the beach while experiencing the local culture and cuisine of these places.

The Camping near Mumbai is a great option to have an unforgettable evening by the beach while experiencing the local culture and cuisine of these places. the Camping allows you to experience nature, local culture, and food all at once!

You will be able to enjoy nature in its fullest form whether it’s camping at some remote place or simply going on a beach trip with friends. It is also possible that you might be lucky enough to stumble upon some cultural festivals while exploring this beautiful country!


So, these are the best camping places near Mumbai that you can visit. The beaches in Mumbai are also very popular for camping so if you have a boat or a car then this is another option for you to explore your surroundings. You may also want to try out more adventurous activities like trekking and kayaking as well!

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