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Bangalore to coorg tour package: All you need to know



With beautiful picturesque surroundings and undulating hills, Coorg is referred to as “The Scotland of India.” This hill town, which is part of the Kodagu area, is more than 1500 m above sea level. Book a Bangalore to coorg tour pacakage. Coorg is the land of Kodavas. The hospitality, coffee, cardamom, pepper, orange, and honey of Coorg are world-famous. Kodavas are renowned for having unique cultures and customs.

You can plan a trip to Coorg and enjoy the beauty of Coorg while spending a luxury time with your friends or family. While on a Coorg trip, remember that your visit must not interfere with the lives of the locals in any way. For this reason, you should prepare by learning about the area, the locals, and their customs and cultures.

If you wish to plan a holiday trip to Coorg then you can choose from the available Bangalore to Coorg tour package. Many Bangalore to Coorg tour packages ranging from luxury to affordable ones are available. You can choose any one like 2 days, 3 days, or 4 days Bangalore to Coorg tour package depending on your comfort and free time.

About the Bangalore to Coorg tour package

Let’s have a look at a 4 days Bangalore to Coorg tour package itinerary

Day 01:

Arrival in Coorg

Day 02: Explore Coorg and Madikeri. The second day of package.

Day 03:

Explore Coorg, Madikeri, and Mysore. the third day is best to explore mysore.

Day 04: Explore Mysore and return back to Bangalore.Mysore 

Day 01: Arrival in Coorg.

 Your trip begins with your arrival in Coorg. The journey from Bangalore to Coorg is 6 hours long and the distance is 300km. On arriving check into the resort, have lunch, and unwind. Continue on to Abbey Falls, which is tucked away between a private coffee and spice estate, Madikeri Fort, a 19th-century fort with stone ramparts that now serves as a prison, and Omkareshwara Temple, which was constructed in 1820 and has a unique blend of Keralan red-tile roofing and Islamic-style domes. Raja Seat is a charming picnic area with a swathe in nature. It is best visited in the evening. Get back to your hotel and spend a relaxed night.

Day 02: Explore Coorg and Madikeri

Get up early, have a good breakfast, and travel to Bhagamandala, which is where the Cauvery and the Kanika rivers meet. Visit Talacauvery, also known as Dakshin Kashi, the birthplace of the river Cauvery at the base of the majestic Brahmagiri Hills in Coorg, where a third river, the Sujyothi, is claimed to join from underneath. From here, the river continues discretely downstream as “Guptagamini” before resurfacing a short distance downstream at Nagateerta. After the day-long exploration returns back to your hotel and relax.

Day 03:  Explore Coorg, Madikeri, and Mysore.

Get up early have a delicious breakfast, check out, and travel to the Dubare elephant camp to enjoy the 3-hour elephant adventure later visit Cauvery Nisargadhama, an island created by the Cauvery River and used as a picnic area, with dense bamboo trees and luxuriant vegetation. After exploration head towards Kushalnagar for a delicious lunch, followed by a trip to Bylakuppe, the biggest Tibetan community in South India.

A beautiful sight at any time is the temple’s 62 ft Buddha sculpture, which is coated in gold plates. Once you finish the beautiful sightseeing drive to Mysore and check into a hotel on arrival in Mysore. Visit Maharaja Palace a magnificent Indo-Saracenic-style building with many attractions, including a spectacular gold throne.

In the evening, explore Brindavan Garden, which features musical fountains and colorful lights. After exploring all these beautiful sights return back and have a delicious dinner and take good sleep.

Day 04: Explore Mysore and return back to Bangalore

Get up early have a good breakfast, check out of the hotel, and then head to the hilltop site of Chamundi Hill. You can also visit the enormous Mahishasura monument and the 4.8-meter-tall Nandi monolith, which may be seen when traveling to Bangalore. Visit St. Philomena’s Church on way; it is a striking Gothic building with stunning stained glass windows and tall towers. Visit Srirangapatna, Tippu Sultan’s island stronghold. Once there, be sure to return to the Bangalore Airport or Railway Station for your way back home. 

Coorg Travel Tips

Coorg sometimes referred to as the Scotland of India, is a very well-liked tourist destination. This tourist haven is bordered by six districts and is located on the eastern side of the Western Ghats. There are a few dos and don’ts and Coorg travel tips that you should be aware of while traveling here, so you should consider planning a trip to this lovely tourist destination sometime. Every location has a unique set of traditions and customs that visitors should be aware of when visiting.

Best Time To Visit

The first and most crucial travel advice for Coorg is to be cautious about the ideal time to visit the place. The months from October to May are the best for planning a trip to Coorg. The daytime temperature is comfortable—neither too hot nor too chilly.

The temperature fluctuates between 16 and 26 degrees Celsius on average. From November to January, the temperature at night falls below 10 degrees Celsius or even lower. While planning a trip to Coorg during these months make sure that you bring some warm clothes along with you.

Be Conscious Of The Roads

Along with the extra medication, you should bring your medical kit. Make sure you drive safely. In addition to the medical kit, you should always have water, an umbrella, a torch, packed food, fruits, etc. with you in case of an emergency.

Keep additional medications on hand because it might be exceedingly challenging to get even the most basic medications in Coorg.

Get A Private Vehicle

You must make plans if you want to go to Coorg with your family and friends and have a nice time with them while you’re there. For traveling to Coorgyou need to rent a private vehicle because when you travel in a group many things cannot be managed which are easily managed in solo travel.

Depending on where you are coming from, you should get a private automobile from Mysore, Bangalore, or Mangalore. You should consider using the same vehicle for your return trip as well. You need to get a private vehicle because you won’t get a private vehicle in Coorg for local transportation. This occurs more frequently if you are traveling during a long weekend in peak season.

Avoid Travelling During the Night on your Bangalore to coorg tour pacakage

Avoid traveling at night while visiting Coorg. Traveling at night in remote areas is not a good choice. You should avoid visiting these locations after sunset or at night. The main cause of this is the region’s relatively narrow roads, which make nighttime driving extremely dangerous. Along with this, there is still another problem with nighttime driving. In addition to being small, the roads share a lot of similarities. You have a very high possibility of getting lost as a result. So, unless it’s extremely important, you should avoid traveling at night.

Keep Your Voice Low While On A Call

Many tourists are unaware of these facts and pay little attention to learning about the culture, traditions, and natural features of the destination they are visiting. You should make every effort to keep your voice as quiet as possible while on the phone in public while visiting Coorg. Kodavas are highly organized individuals.

Keep a Sufficient Amount Of Cash

There aren’t many banks or ATMs in Madikeri or the surrounding areas. To keep as much money as you can, you must thus try. You can use this money to help with your anticipated food bills. The likelihood of finding merchants here who will accept electronic payments is extremely low.

The main cause of this is the frequently unavailable telephone service in these locations. Other than this, your mobile phones won’t support the network. This is a very typical problem in this area, especially during the rainy season.

As a result, you won’t be able to use the card to make purchases or withdraw cash from any ATMs. This is why it is advised that you arrange your travel, lodging, and other expenses in advance, confirm them, and then come to this location.

Drive Carefully After 3 PM: Bangalore to coorg tour pacakage

For drivers in Madikeri town, things are not very good, especially if you are visiting from outside the area. After 3 PM, it becomes exceedingly misty during the winter. The second crucial piece of advice for traveling through Coorg is to drive carefully because visibility is quite low and driving is a difficult endeavor.

Drivers from outside who are unfamiliar with these circumstances frequently experience this. Use the fog lamps—that’s the only thing you should do in these circumstances. Fog lamps must be used in Coorg, especially if you’re visiting during the winter.

Respect Locals And Their Traditions: Bangalore to coorg tour pacakage

You should respect the locals, their customs and cultures in addition to that. There are a few things that the locals haven’t adopted into their way of life, so you should be careful not to offend them in any way. There are a few things you should remember, such as the fact that you shouldn’t drive through this area while your car is playing loud music.

In addition, you should be aware that it is forbidden to bring plastic bags to Coorg or use them there. Therefore, make sure that you don’t litter around in any place while on Bangalore to coorg tour package. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is against the law to smoke in public in Coorg, so you should be careful not to.


Coorg is a beautiful place to visit. You will take back sweet and memorable memories along with you after exploring this beautiful place. Many Bangalore to Coorg tour packages are available that you can easily opt for. Explore this beautiful place and enjoy a splendid holiday with your friends and family.

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