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Top 10 Best Universities for a Nursing Degree in the UK?

Top 10 Best Universities for a Nursing Degree in the UK?

Top 10 Best Universities for a Nursing Degree in the UK?


To provide patients with high-quality treatment, each medical facility needs collaboration. The medical professionals are also the nursing personnel, equally vital.

Although solid preparation is necessary before entering the professional world, the information you’ll need to help you become a better nurse will thus only come through enrolling in a nursing programme.

Do you know which British nursing schools rank highest?

You can enroll in a nursing course at colleges or other higher education institutes. There are many different specializations available in this broad discipline. To find a school offering the most acceptable nursing programme, determine your areas of interest.

Why Choose the UK to Study Nursing?

The UK is one of the most significant locations for enrolling in higher education and completing your nursing degree. The best nursing schools in the UK are listed here.

Glasgow University

Glasgow University is the most excellent and top-ranked nursing school in the UK, which grants nursing degrees. Their academic degrees emphasize research and theoretical education. This specific university offers the following nursing programmes:

  • Advanced Practice in Healthcare Master’s degree
  • Perpetual Professional Development
  • Nursing Bachelor’s (Honours)
  • Care Leadership, Enhancement, and Transformation (Pg Certificate – Blend)
  • Chaplaincy for Social and Health Care (Pg Certificate)

Within the institution, a team of research nurses may conduct intriguing studies for faculty members and graduate students.

Keele University

The School of Nursing and Midwifery at Keele University provides several well-respected and certified nursing degrees. Because of the university’s excellent student-to-teacher ratio, you can be sure that you’ll receive the necessary attention during both your academic studies and practical learning.

Additionally, you will appreciate the cutting-edge amenities and ideal study space necessary for a high-quality educational experience.

Some of the nursing courses you may pursue at the undergraduate level include the following:

  • BSN in learning disabilities
  • Adult Nursing with a BSc.
  • B.Sc. in Nursing for Mental Health
  • BSc Children’s Nursing

The following programmes are offered at the graduate level:

  • Advanced Clinical Practice MSc
  • Adult MSc in Nursing
  • Master’s Degree in Critical Care Practice
  • Graduate Certificate in Advanced Practice of C.T. Colonography
  • Master’s Degree in Advanced Critical Care Critical Practice
  • MSc in Advanced Professional Practice
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Nursing Clerkship, Community Nursing Specialist

The King’s College of London

One of the most prestigious and established universities is King’s College London. The faculty of nursing and midwifery founded by Florence Nightingale is housed inside the college. This nursing school is the first in the world to be permanently connected to a hospital and medical school that is entirely operating.

Other names for it include the spiritual nursing home. You will receive all the knowledge and instruction needed for this profession, which may enable you to help employees at some of the most prestigious hospitals in London that are well-known worldwide.

Huddersfield College

The top experts are employed by Huddersfield University’s Department of Nursing and Midwifery, which provides excellent practice sessions, learning environments, and tutoring. This will give you the knowledge and abilities to work in various medical institutions.

The university’s undergraduate course offerings include the following:

  • BSc in Nursing (Learning Disabilities) (Hons)
  • BSc in Nursing Studies (Hons)
  • BSc in nursing (adults) (Hons)
  • Nursing (Mental Health) BSc (Hons)
  • Infant Nursing BSc (Hons)

You will receive the following postgraduate study options:

  • Health Studies Master’s (Taught)
  • Public health doctorate (Research)
  • Research Master’s Degree, Master of Health Sciences, and Public Health (Research)
  • Diploma in Podiatry (Taught)
  • Advanced Clinical Practice Master’s Degree (Taught)
  • Principles of podiatric surgery (Taught)
  • master’s degree in health services research (Taught)
  • Master of Science in Social Work and Social Policy (Research)
  • PhD in nursing and midwifery (Research)
  • Masters in Nursing and Midwifery (Research)
  • Doctorate in social work and social policy (Research)
  • PhD in Applied Health Sciences (Research)

Three research centers are available at the institution for anyone looking to advance their nursing education. Some of the university’s three research centers include the ones listed below.

  • Centre for Applied Research in Childhood, Youth, and Families
  • Research Centre for Applied Health
  • Institute for the Integrity of Skin and Infection Prevention

University of Nottingham

One of the top universities in the UK for nursing is Nottingham University. Your career as a nurse will depend on how well the School of Health Sciences at Nottingham University prepares you.

The top nursing school offers a variety of theoretical and practical courses that are the most excellent preparation for additional difficulties that a nurse can encounter in the workplace.

Three graduate and undergraduate programmes are available through the university’s school of medicine and health. They comprise:

  • Mental Health BSc in Nursing
  • Adult Nursing BSc
  • BSc Child Nursing
  • Mental health in college entrance nursing
  • Adult Nursing Graduate Entry
  • Child Nursing for College Entrance

While postgraduate courses need two years of full-time practice, undergraduate courses might last up to three years when you finish your studies.

Leeds University.

The Faculty of Health and Medicine at Leeds University offers a variety of academic options, including nursing programmes. One of the top nursing schools in the UK is at this institution. The improvement of students’ knowledge and practical abilities is the main objective.

They will be able to work as nurses in various healthcare facilities. Their academic experience is also enhanced. The University of Leeds offers the following nursing degree programmes.

  • B.S. in Nursing (Mental Health)
  • B.S. in Nursing (Children)
  • B.S. in Nursing (Adults)

Sunderland University

At the University of Sunderland, you may pick from various study modules thanks to the flexibility of the nursing programmes. The three undergraduate degree programmes available at this specific university are as follows:

  • BSc in Adult Nursing Practice
  • Nursing Practice in Mental Health
  • Nursing Practice for Learning Disabilities with a BSc

Internships that help you develop your talents and prepare for the demanding workplace will be a big part of postgraduate degrees. Many primary healthcare settings, including prominent hospitals and institutions, have close relations with the University of Sunderland. You can practice sessions easily because of this.

Edinburgh University

One of the top locations for your nursing study is the University of Edinburgh School of Health Sciences. Both undergraduate and graduate students can choose from a variety of programmes.

The Bachelor of Nursing undergraduate programme will facilitate your identification as a highly qualified nursing practitioner. Because there are various postgraduate programmes available, ambitious nurses can continue their education at the same university.

Liverpool University

Nursing students can access undergraduate and graduate study programmes in this specific university through the School of Health Sciences. Students can take classes to help them acquire the information and abilities they need to handle all the obstacles associated with being a nurse.

Part of the learning process involves practical sessions in an actual nursing environment. You might have to work as a nurse overseas as a curriculum requirement. You’ll soon be presented with a lot of opportunities.

University of Birmingham

Your nursing study at Birmingham University will focus on psychological, biological, and social sciences throughout the first year.

Clinical modules pertinent to your practice area will be the main emphasis of the second year. The main emphasis of the third year is the intellectual, practical, and administrative abilities that will support your role as a competent practitioner. The University of Birmingham will provide you with a high-quality education.

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