May 22, 2024


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How to become an Airbnb super host!

Superhost is the person who had got a special badge from the Airbnb community for his good service to their guest. Superhost can be any person who is doing the business of hospitality simply by getting registered under the name of Airbnb. This program was launched by Airbnb to distinguish their normal host from their super host by giving digitally a special badge to them.

Advantages of being a super host

After being an Airbnb super host there are multiple factors that are helpful in leveraging ones hosting business. And the super hot to get a special reward in terms of revenue from their parting out business. Advantages can be-

  • After getting this badge super host can get a special advantage in their search placements i.e the host dwelling gets higher position in the ranking
  • Having this badge may improve better booking conversions which automatically improves your rating and super host status.

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Is super host badge helpful?

Company is assuming a drastic boost in their revenue but things are not according to the assumptions there was a minimal change in their listing. But after doing this many hosts are getting a boost in their revenue.

As usual, there average daily rate is 10% lower than other host but due to this badge, there is an exponential increase in their daily revenue by 53%, the reason behind this is that super host can rent their dwelling twice a day.

After having this badge super host are earning 60% more than normal host.

A super host is available for Windows, and also Macintosh. If you need a Mac repair, you could choice a good option: mac repairs in Brisbane.

How to qualify this super host badge?

After the launch of this program, each and every host wants to become super host because indirectly because of this they are earning more revenue. More and more host are wanting to have this badge and trying many different ways to achieve this

Few points to ponder while aching it is-

  • A host must give his hospitality service to nearly about 10 guests.
  • He must have a rating of 4.8, and to achieve it must have 80% of rating of 5 star
  • The responsive rate must be 90% to achieve this badge.
  • Less than 1% cancelled stay.

What type of tactics host are using to achieve this goal

Many host who wants to achieve this goal are simply using unfair methods to achieve it. Tactics used by the dwelling owner to attain this point are-

  • Superhost are achieving this goal by different means by taking fraud reviews from their friends and family members.
  • By doing less hosting or stays which may indirectly have great reviews.
  • By bulling their guest to give them high rating with a positive review.
  • Continuously removing their listing after having bad reviews and again relisting with no reviews.

Is super host is a matter of trust-building?

Generally, this program is launched for making trust among the service takers so they must not move to any other business model. But the situation is getting worse than before as the guest are beliving on these hosts, they are acting like a lion in the den. Host even super host to are getting indulge in these types of activities and creating nuisance. Many newspaper headlines are hitting as breaking news both in print media and broadcast media too. 

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