June 21, 2024


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Why Expensive Jewellery is avoided in Educational Institutions


Educational institutes are so responsible for shaping the future of students. Parents prefer choosing institutes with rules and regulations that can make students more disciplined. If you are a part of an educational institute, you will better know that they generally do not allow expensive jewellery. However, there is a difference in opinion that educational institutes should or should not enable costly jewellery. So, let’s take a look at some of the major reasons why these institutes have restrictions on jewellery.

A piece of expensive jewellery may cause discrimination

You never know how the students will be who is coming down to the school. There will be different types of students to study with. If someone in the class is wearing jewellery that looks gaudy and expensive, that can affect other students. It can also cause discrimination among students. Schools or any other educational institutes are meant to be where you can make friends without boundaries. The sense of being rich and poor may hinder becoming friends. Jewellery is a style statement, and it is not something that you can flaunt every day. This is one of the major reasons why the institutes do not allow jewellery.

Jewellery does not belong to a School Uniform

Jewellery has never been a part of the school uniform, and they do not match the uniform as well. Basic piercing of ears is not frowned upon or against the law. But having too many piercings done on several parts of the body only looks good with a school uniform. So, whether you want to go for Sapphire Engagement Rings Hatton Garden, or a gold ring, it is better to avoid them in an educational institute.

Stay focused on studies

Student life is the time to grow; once it is gone, there is no way to mend it. So the mantra of life should include study, games (choose ones that help you stay physically active), eating and sleep. Unfortunately, students tend to get distracted very easily from their studies. Be it a new smartphone, expensive ornaments, or anything else that is not related to their course can make students lose their focus on their studies. Also, the life lesson taught through education is to stay simple and happy. So why not stick to becoming a better person who lives with simplicity? Could you give it a thought?

You can avoid the risk of theft

Wearing expensive necklaces or lab diamond engagement rings at the institute will never be a good idea. There is always a risk of theft, and if something like this happens, the authority will also have to face a lot of issues. Therefore, it is better to stay safe. 


Whenever parents send their kids to school, keeping them safe and healthy is the primary duty of an organisation. Therefore, having a piece of jewellery worn in an educational institute not only affects a student’s concentration but also becomes a question of safety for them. That’s why the rule exists of not allowing expensive jewellery there.