May 22, 2024


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Strategic content marketing planning for business marketing

  • What is a strategic content marketing plan
  • Benefits of having an effective marketing plan
  • A step-by-step guide to creating a marketing plan

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Launching a new company or product, or even changing the positioning of a traditional company in the market, are complex tasks that require a lot of analysis and effort. It is necessary to think about all the possibilities and plan interactions with the target audience. Think about how the product will be sold, what the packaging and the price are, etc.

What is strategic content marketing planning?

The strategic content marketing plan is a document used to guide the actions of a company in relation. To the positioning in the market, of the company or a specific product, in search of a certain objective. It contains information about the market and the industry to which the company belongs, competitors, strategy, and the like. Strategic content marketing planning is, then, a guide for the company’s actions.

What will be your content marketing strategy

When creating a strategic content marketing plan, it is essential to define the strategy that will be used for customer acquisition and market positioning. Different points come into play here, such as how much will be charged for the product or solution. The type of sale that will be made delivery time, or installation of the service, among others.

Anticipate and adjust your strategic marketing planning

It is important to note that the steps that have brought you to this point will not take you to the end of the work. If you work with Lean Marketing, creating and maintaining a strategy is a constant job. You will have several simultaneous cycles and it is essential to follow them all, evaluate the results, and always improve them.

For a marketing and sales strategy, this means making projections and defining the objectives to be achieved in a few weeks or months, monitoring progress. Evaluating what may be hindering the evolution of results and how you can grow even more.

The importance of networking for content marketing

When a new product or solution is launched on the market, one of the main ways to start generating business is through networking. Therefore, also focus on this strategy.

  • Participate in events of your segment or of entrepreneurs in your region;
  • Sponsor events and make your company visible to other people;
  • Networking can also generate leads so talk to different people and present your solution.

Creating a strategic marketing plan is not a simple task and should not be done in a hurry. But it definitely makes a difference in the growth of a company and when done well, it can generate a lot of business.

We hope this step-by-step guide will help you create your own strategic marketing plan! If you liked it, how about sharing it on social networks? And when applying any of these tips, don’t forget to share your results.

The three steps of this strategy are:

1. Original content creation

2. Social Bookmarking

3. Video Promotion

Original Content Creation

In this first step, we are talking about writing a 400-750 word article, roughly a couple of paragraphs, on a subject of your choosing. Preferably, you will choose to write something that others will find helpful. You can review opportunities, companies, or products. Or you can provide information on techniques, tips, or strategies. Basically, you want to provide valuable information to your target audience.

Social Bookmarking

This second step is where you can start building backlinks to the content on your blog. You do this by submitting your content to around 30 social bookmarking sites using the free-only wire utility. These are popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. If you have a blog, you can install the only Wire submitter on your blog, sign up for all of the social bookmarking sites, and with the push of one button, bookmark your content on these 30 or so sites creating an instant 30 backlinks to your content.

Video Promotion

Due to the enormous popularity of video and sites like YouTube, using video to promote the article you created in Step 1 will create a tsunami of traffic to your content. The video doesn’t have to be any longer than 30 seconds of you telling people why they should read your article.

In this period Guest Blogging of browsing growth and alpha channel approaches, creating charming content is the keyword. Businesses are all the time looking for new and fresh ways to communicate with buyers and with each other. 

Blogging is one way many businesses use to both tell their buyers and guide them to outputs and services. But all of the time creating new content can be a massive task. One plan is to invite guest bloggers to create that content. 

What is the Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging is when you invite a few people from an outside company to write a blog print on your different websites. The author will commonly a company and organization to be a specialist subject to do for someone as a company or organization.

It can be a big and great way of working to utilize your work and enhance your skill and capacity to develop more and more. It can work with others in the same industry. In another word, guest blogging is the best source of income and save you time. Organization and guest blogger is the strong bond of social media.

How does it Helpful the host?

Guest blogging offers helpful for both groups. For the author, especially if they are fresh to the field or if their organization is small or a startup, it is an opportunity to get their thoughts – and their outputs – out to a broad audience. Other avail includes:

  • Brand perception. Hosting charming guest posts can set up your post as worth reading. People will associate your brand with riveting content and expertise from a broad range of talent – meaning they’ll think of you, not your candidate.  
  • Fresh and new content. Sometimes posts can get a little unvaried and stale. By bringing in guest posters, you begin new and fresh content that brings with it different opinions and styles.
  • Management. You want your brand to be perceived as managed in your company. By find out experts in your field to available guest content, you help broaden the knowledge base your readers have an approach to.
  • SEO. Guest blogging can be a big and great way to boost your SEO   and your search engine social structure. By including good and nice keywords and links, your site may be found by more potential buyers. 

How does it help the guest blogger?

Sometimes these blogs aren’t due to an invitation by the host, but a tone by the writer. So just what helpful do guest blogs bring to writers? 

  • Relationships. For new or charming writers and industries, guest blogging can benefit you build relationships. Having an ongoing relationship with bigger companies or famous bloggers can lead to more chances, and boost the following helpful even more. 
  • Reach. Writing a guest post for bigger companies or sites spreads your reach. If you charm the readers well, they will follow links back to your own business or click on your bio feature to seek out more concerning you.


Additionally, Guest blogging can really help your marketing department as they have something new and educational that they can use in any campaigns or social media posts. It’s also big great for the writers since it provides access to a new audience and an opportunity to get your business noticed. By conception the part of a guest post, and following the best and good practices, you’ll be able to reap several benefits and position yourself as a specialist in your field.