December 7, 2023


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How to View All Likes on Twitter: 2022 Guide | Tw Followers

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While on Twitter all of us want to discover a few humans or bills that we find relatable and follow them — once in a while good site for Twitter views we even get a danger to talk even if we’ve got never met in real lifestyles.


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Comments and dialogues occur rarer than a choice to add something in favourites.

It approaches that in a while you received’t lose this tweet and will be able to reread it and don’t forget why you’ve cherished it in the first place.

Associate it with a certain period of your lifestyle or touch a person who has created this tweet in case you want to.

So, if you need to know a solution to the question of “How to view all of my likes?” Twitter offers you a clean and brief option. We’re going to inform you how to do it grade by grade in addition:

How to view all your Twitter likes? Well, first you want to get in your profile and log in after which press the button with a view to redirect you immediately to your account from the principal web page.

Right under your bio and your header, you’ll be able to see numerous tabs; certainly one of them is “my favourites” — it’s truly the final one inside the line of tabs.

You must press on it and voila — here you’ll be able to see all of the tweets that you have ever appreciated, all collected in a single location and to be had so one can study and sense a few nostalgias.

So if you need to view all your favourites on Twitter, you simply press on that tab and go straight to the collection of all of your favourites.

Read them, bear in mind the way it turned into returned inside the day and share them on your feed perhaps? Who is aware of it, maybe you’d locate a number of them more relatable even now.

How to peer all likes on Twitter

How can I see all my likes on Twitter? This question bothers many folks that actually love Twitter and who surely placed their time into scrolling thru the feed and locating stuff that they discover vital and relatable.

However, everybody loves to create a few kinds of collections — and all of the favourites which you collect thru time and not anything but a group of minds, jokes, and information.

So, if you’re asking about “a way to see all my likes on Twitter?” The answer is: with the aid of urgent on the tab “my favourites” in your profile, proper below the header and the bio.

It’s easy to discover and even simpler to navigate through, as the whole thing is accumulated in a single area for your consolation.

Are clean to view however is not so easy to benefit from different customers. If you are interested in promoting your profile, you would possibly need to shop for Twitter likes.

As it is able to effortlessly assist with expanding your audience and making your account appear as a Twitter views already a hit profile of an online influencer or a businessman, something you want to make it appear to be.

How to view all Twitter likes without problems?

If you want to glance through all of your thumbs up. You need to go to the tab “favourites” that are positioned under your profile’s header and bio.

How to view all of my buddies’ likes on Twitter?

If you need to look through all your pals’ thumbs up, you have to go to the tab “favourites” which can be located below your buddies’ profiles’ header and bio.

How to view all of a person’s likes on Twitter?

If you need to see all of a person’s favourites, you can go to their profile and press on under their bio and principal image.

How to view all likes on the Twitter app?

The app is no one-of-a-kind from the PC version of this social media internet site; to look at all the favourites which you have gathered through the years.

You must go to the button “my favourites” proper below your bio on your profile’s web page. This is the closing tab within the row of 4 available tabs.

How to view all likes on a Twitter submit?

To see all the thumbs up that a publish has amassed, you want to press on a good site for views a button of “__ likes”, in which __ is the number of thumbs-u.S.

Press on that button and also you’ll be able to see all the customers who have discovered this tweet likeable.

How to view antique likes on Twitter?

To see your vintage thumbs up you must cross into the “good site for Twitter views” phase that you can locate below your header and bio on your profile.

How to view Twitter likes without an account?

If you don’t have an account on this social media website, you’re nonetheless able to see the favourites of other humans.

All you have to do is go to a good site for Twitter views “favourites” beneath their header, important pictures.

If you want to undergo the thumbs-up of a positive account. You need to press the tweet itself, and discover a button of “ __ likes”,

In which __ is the range of thumbs-ups. This way you’ll be able to locate all of us who have ever favoured this tweet.

How to View Your Own Likes on Twitter on an iPhone

According to an analysis carried out via a. Cell, users spend more time on the platform than computing device users.

In truth, they’re near eighty% much more than a couple of instances per day. Presumably, other than tweeting, they’re leaving a trail of likes on their feed

If you’re an iPhone user and need to test your likes, right here’s what to do:

  • Launch the good site for Twitter views.
  • Tap for your profile picture within the top left nook of the display.
  • When a menu appears, pick “Profile.”
  • You’ll see four tabs: “Tweets,” “Tweets & Replies,” “Media,” and “Likes.”
  • Make sure to transport to the “Likes” tab.

You can now scroll thru all of the tweets you’ve favoured up to that point. The last preferred tweet seems on the pinnacle, and as you scroll.

You could revisit tweets you’ve appreciated over the past days, weeks, months, or even years. However, going that far can take numerous time.