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Documents to attest to before moving to UAE and checklists

Documents to attest to before moving to UAE and checklists

The UAE is a popular choice for many people wishing to start a new life abroad because of its constantly expanding economy and plenty of work and livelihood prospects. The process of planning the relocation and carrying it out is slightly more challenging for a foreign national. When moving to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, there are several things to take into account. We’ve put together a relocation check list for you in order to aid in your planning and preparation for your major move to the United Arab Emirates!

Checklists for Moving to the UAE

  1. Plan your visa

One of the first things to think about when relocating to a new nation is whether you have the legal right to do so. In order to enter the UAE, you must apply for a residence visa and/or a work permit. Your employer might be willing to sponsor your visa application and take care of all the paperwork if you’ve already found work.

Your unique situation will determine the requirements for entry into the UAE, therefore before leaving, make sure all of your immigration and visa paperwork is in order.

  1. Assemble all necessary documentation

If you intend to drive when you arrive, you need make sure you have lodgings and an international driver’s licence. Prior to moving, make a list of any documents you’ll require, such as rental references or academic transcripts, so you won’t have to coordinate from a distance. This could include records like marriage licences, birth certificates, and degrees. Typically, original documents only, not reproductions, are need. A solicitor must first stamp and verify the document.

  1. Get a residence for rent

Despite the fact that Dubai offers tax-free income, the city’s overall cost of living may be prohibitive. Depending on the area you choose, rent will likely be your largest outlay. Select a location that is convenient to your family’s needs, such as schools, hospitals, and metro stations, while still offering a shorter commute to work.

  1. Move your possessions

Do you anticipate being able to bring all you need to the UAE in a carry-on bag?

It could be challenging to move your belongings to the UAE, so why not enlist the assistance of a specialised moving company? In addition to transporting your belongings, many relocation specialists provide support and assistance for all aspects of your move, including storage and settling-in services.

  1. Organize your finances.

To ensure you can support yourself and your family while living in the UAE, it’s essential to have your finances in order before moving there. Both immediate cash needs and long-term financial planning are cover by this, including:

Pensions, taxes, and investments in a bank account


  1. Searching for schools

Do some study on the local schools if you are travelling to the UAE with school-aged children. You can find out about any waiting lists you will need to join and any tuition costs you will incur. Many parents choose to enrol their children in an international school, which typically uses the curriculum from their home country. Do your research and apply as soon as you can because there is a high demand for school spaces.

Documents for Attestation When Moving to the UAE

UAE has put strong attestation measures in place to avoid commercial fraud and limit the admittance of untrained workers into professions requiring specialised credentials. As a result, documents and certifications that have not been attest would be regard as invalid. And the application would be absolutely reject. And the application would be absolutely reject.

The appropriate authorities acquire vital information about you when you submit your documents for attestation, and they can use that information to confirm that the reason for your relocation is legitimate and not for any criminal intentions. The documents that must be attest in the UAE as well as the basic procedure are cover here.

  1. Personal Certificates Attestation:

You’ll need to get a few personal documents attest and stamp in order to guarantee their legality. Personal records include fundamental yet important details about you, such your name, address, date of birth, health status, and whether or not you are able to work, as well as details on any marriages, divorces, or family relationships in general. Regardless of the sort of visa you have apply for, your personal papers must be examine. Examples of personal certifications that might require attestation include the following:

  • Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Experience/employment certificates
  • Medical Certificate
  • Transfer certificates
  1. Attestation of Educational Documents: 

Although you would always be required to present documents attesting to your academic history, they are especially important if you want to move to Dubai to continue your studies. In addition to revealing your educational status, these certificates are utiling to verify some important information that is offer in other papers. The following educational records need to be attested:

  1. Commercial Certificates Attestation: 

If you’re travelling to Dubai for work or to start a business, you’ll need to submit an additional document in addition to those mentioned above to get the stamp of authenticity. These are refer to as commercial certificates, and they are use to gather crucial data regarding your current employment, any assets you may have, your business activities, and other topics. Get legal translation service in dubai.

Although there are tight regulations that must be observe, the UAE is a very nice place for foreigners to live. A few of the many advantages include a strong economy, a lovely environment, and high standards for healthcare and education. It is essential that you follow all the formalities while moving to the UAE.

Ensure that you have all of your credentials and supporting paperwork in one location. Your documents’ attestability has a significant bearing on whether or not your visa will be approved.

It might be difficult to relocate to a foreign nation, thus it is always advise to get professional help. Providing the best attestation services in Dubai to its clients has always been a priority for OnTime Attestation, Dubai.