April 15, 2024


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15 Delicious and Easy Ways to Eat Fruits This Summer

Fruits like Mangoes, Lychees, Watermelons, and Peaches in the summer are totally worthy. By trying out new ways to get your everyday dosage of fruits make it much more appealing. So, here we introduce some delectable ways to consume your summer fruits.

1. Get A Grip on The Grape!

Normally we eat fruits by slicing them or in the form of fruit salads. But have you ever tried something out of the box with these fruits?  Think about making a salad made with grilled chicken breast, apples, grapes, spinach, and gorgonzola cheese. Simply add a roasted chicken with grapes and mayonnaise and that would taste delicious!

2. Drink Your Fruits!

Well, the best thing is that smoothies and juices are a invigorating way to indulge in summer fruits. Blend them with yogurt and just say no to honey since it contains lot of sugar. Try whipping all together extraordinary combinations in a Juicer Mixer Grinder to find your personal choices.

3. Jazz Up Those Oats!

If you are looking for a mouthwatering recipe then, Oat granola is the best choice for you. To make a delicious dessert out of it, Just add in some fresh yogurt, ripe berries and crispy nuts. That would taste Scrumptious and nutritious!

4. Easy-Peasy Poaches!

This recipe may seem not easy but really speaking its truly a breeze. Just slice and grill the peaches in an OTG. Once its cooked in the oven, top them up with mozzarella cheese, then drizzle on them a balsamic mixture made up by mixing Balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, pepper and here you go. A delicious dessert is ready at your disposal!

5. Grill It Up!

Have you ever thought of grilling a pineapple? In the true sense, you can make a delectable dessert with some fresh grilled pineapples which is really an amazing dessert containing low calories. You have to simply chop the pineapples and coat it with butter, hot pepper sauce, honey, and a pinch of salt. After coating is nicely, grill this fruit on a good quality griller. You can even use a grill Sandwich Toaster like Bajaj Majesty Ultra to grill on both sides until marks appears. Enjoy this delicious dessert with your family and your loved one!

6. Is It Fruit Sandwich or Frandwich?

Imagine a hot and crisp bread coming out from a Pop-Up Toaster and layered nicely with a peanut butter and garnished with the exotic summer fruits of your choice. That’s would be really a heaven!

7. It Takes Mango to Salsa!

If you really love tangy and sweet flavor, then this recipe is for you. Here you will experience a totally burst of flavors on your tongue! All you have to do is pick up some fresh mangoes and dice it using a good quality Chopper.  Along with this, chop some fresh red bell pepper, jalapeño and onion. Mix all the ingredients together and then add little coriander, salt and top up with lots of refreshing lime juice. Serve this spicy and tangy dessert with crispy tacos, or even eat it on its own.

8. Going Bananas Over This Pancake!

Everyone just loves pancakes, and everyone knows how to make them. But still if you think that you need a recipe for this then here it is. Start by mashing up the bananas thoroughly and later add it to your regular pancake mixture. Cook this mixture properly on a Non-Stick Tawa, and it’s done. Simple! A Healthy, filling snack is ready.

9. Top Up Your Dessert!

Whether it’s a tart, ice cream, cake, waffle, whipped cream or some other popular dessert, they are incomplete until you add some fresh fruits to them as these fruits will always come in handy to add some extra flavor and nutrition. A pro tip – Just make a puree of fresh berries using a Mixer Grinder and use this puree as a sauce. Isn’t this recipe Amazing in taste? Yes, it is and you will be surprise to know that it almost half the calories put in by any other sugar syrup.

10. A Summer Miracle – The Fruit Popsicle!

Can you believe summer is here? And now it’s time for some sweet and icy popsicles! That sounds so awesome isn’t it? So, get ready to make some flavorsome ice pops using watermelon. First thing first. Take some watermelon and blend it using a Hand Blender. Add granulated sugar and some lemon juice to the mixture. Now pour this blended mixture into the molds so that you can get some long and colorful popsicles. You can even use other fruits like mango, oranges or kiwi to make ice pops.

11. Taco It Up

Tacos are great for snacking and everyone loves it. But how about making them more nutritious and healthier for kids by adding some seasonal fruits finely chopped and filled inside these tacos? Great idea! right?  Apart from this you can further use chocolate tacos and make this snack more delicious and mouth-watering.

12. Fried and Glazed – Need We Say More?

This recipe is really going to amaze you and knock your socks off! All you have to do is heat coconut oil or butter or even you can take desi cow ghee in a pan and fry banana slices nicely from both sides for a couple of minutes. Once they are done, transfer these banana slices in a plate and let them cool for a while. Drizzle the slices with honey and cinnamon powder and here you go. A delicious gourmet is ready to eat!

13. When Even Detoxing is Delish! 

If you are in your detox mood and want to carry these fruits with you while you are travelling, then there a hack. All you have to do is just slice all your favorite fruits and put them in your bottle. Fill the bottle with water and add a pinch of rock salt in it. Your Vitamin rich drink is ready to be carried wherever you go.

14. Getting Saucy with It!

Now this recipe is one of the classic.  For this you will need to combine 4-5 apples, half a tsp ground cinnamon, ¾ water, and ¼ sugar, together in a pan and cook it on a medium flame for 15-20 mins. Remember to cover the pan with a lid. As soon as the Apples gets cooked and becomes soft, take them out of the pan and allow it to cool. Once they are cool, mash them well using a food processor. Your delicious Apple sauce is now ready which you can have it with your pancake or parathas.

15. Perfect Your Parfait!

This is a simple fruit recipe where you don’t need to blend, crush or mix anything. Just take a glass jar or even a ice cream cup and layer it up with 1 spoon of fresh yogurt, 1 spoon berries and 1 spoon of granola. Again, repeat the process and you will find that the jar is full. Serve it chill and enjoy these cool delicious berries with the goodness of yogurt. Your granny will really bless you for this!