June 23, 2024


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101 Guide on Customization of Lip Balm Boxes for Your Business

Lip Balm Boxes

Lip Balm Boxes

Lip balms are one of the most utilized products in the beauty industry. Cosmetic brands use different strategies to display their lip balms in the most appealing manner. This is done by packaging lip balms in eye-catching boxes. Custom lip balm packaging is very beneficial for a brand as it allows one to customize boxes per requirements. It gives brands to configure packaging boxes per the need for lip balms. The brands need to keep the likes and dislikes of target customers in mind before selecting a particular design for lip balm packaging. Only adorable but professional packaging can impress customers.  The packaging should enhance the value of inside products. Below are some steps to design lip balm packaging:

1-     Always Choose Strong Manufacturing Materials:

The ultimate motive of product packaging is always to protect products against damage. This task is done by manufacturing materials that are used to make packaging boxes. If the manufacturing material is delicate, it cannot ensure product safety. In the case of lip balms, extra protection is required as they are highly susceptible to contamination. Even a little contamination can destroy the sensitive lips of customers.

Lip Balm Boxes

Moreover, customers deserve to get the product in its safest form because they pay for it. Besides that, the packaging should be powerful enough to protect lip balms on the shelves or counters of the stores as well. That way, use strong manufacturing materials for the production of lip balm packaging boxes. Plastic boxes are also strong but they are harmful to the environment as well as products due to their non-biodegradable nature. Some of the most reliable packaging materials are:

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Cardstock
  • Bux board
  • E-flute corrugated materials

2-     Know About Types of Lip Balm Boxes

Custom boxes of enormous designs and brilliant shapes are available for your lip balms. Die-cutting techniques make precise packaging boxes to organize lip balms. Whether you provide organic, medicated, or cosmetic lip balms, custom packaging boxes take care of every kind of product. For example, tuck-end boxes, auto-lock bottom boxes, one-piece/two-piece boxes, and many other boxes perfectly package lip balms. The most utilized boxes for lip balms are display boxes. These boxes either contain inserts to hold lip balms or contain perforated windows to pick lip balms. Other than that, lip balm dispenser boxes are also high in demand. Moreover, one can get separate rectangular boxes for each lip balm. Online brands can get subscriptions or mailer boxes to deliver lip balms to far places. Whatever your preferences are, custom lip balm packaging boxes will satisfy all your needs.

3-     Select Enticing Printing Techniques

Printing is the major factor in designing Custom Lip Balm Boxes. Different printing techniques are available with high-end printing capabilities to give the perfect finish to the packaging boxes. Sometimes the cheap-looking prints diminish the worth of inside products. Therefore, always use the right techniques to express the true nature of your products. Currently, offset, digital and screen printings assist you in designing boxes. All these options have different capabilities. For example, digital printing gives out appealing colors. Offset printing is useful in printing minimal graphics and patterns. On the other hand, screen printing is best to print bulk details. The application of the latest printing techniques makes your packaging boxes more alluring than competitors. Furthermore, some other options include mono coloring, PMS, and CMYK printing techniques. The 2d or 3d printing enhances the aesthetic designs of lip balm packaging.

Lip Balm Boxes

4-     Tell Customers about Your Lip Balms

For selling beauty products, you need to tell customers several things about your products. As a professional lip balm supplier, you should know that lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Customers can be allergic to some of the ingredients of your lip balms. Therefore, they prefer to know about the product before deciding to buy. Without providing sufficient information, you cannot earn the satisfaction of customers. Therefore, tell customers the ingredients and health benefits of your lip balms together with an expiry date. Other than that, print details of precautions as well, if necessary. Moreover, one can also print images of ingredients on the lip balm packaging boxes. This way, customers will get to know about your lip balms and they will know what to expect from you.

5-     Pick Relatable Color Schemes

The colors make your product packaging different from your competitors. The product-relevant colors work well as the identity of your lip balms. The color combination must be very sensible as it will remain on your custom lip balm packaging boxes for a long period. The color selection is usually based on the requirements and preferences of your target customers. For example, if your target customers are ladies only, the color scheme must be per their desires. The appealing and vibrant colors inspire customers to buy your lip balms. Colors have a psychological impact on viewers’ minds so select magnetizing colors. The simple yet elegant colors look graceful on lip balm packaging. Thus, one should ensure to utilize relatable and perfect colors for packaging boxes. One can also print colors per the theme of the brand to add a professional touch to the packaging.

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6-     Go for Unique Fonts for Typography

Packaging must be unique and easy to understand if you want to sell your lip balms. When choosing typography, use fonts that are adorable and understandable. They should stick in people’s minds and urge them to buy your lip balms. Different designs make your lip balms stand out in the market among numerous other brands. Fonts and drawings decide the outlook of lip balm packaging boxes. Fonts should neither be too complicated to understand nor should be too simple to ignore. The main reason for choosing custom lip balm boxes in winning the hearts of target customers. The pleasing and enticing fonts add charm to the packaging and impress customers.

Lip Balm Boxes

7-     Give Your Brand a Remarkable Identity

The durable packaging containing brilliant colors and alluring typography is perfect to promote your lip balm business. These kinds of packaging boxes are best at all levels to win every challenge a business can face. Moreover, brand identity and recognition are important to earn success in the market. Custom lip balm boxes can help in memorable brand identity by printing the brand name and logo on the packaging. Using embossing, debossing, debossing, and gold or silver foiling techniques, one can make packaging boxes more attractive. Using these boxes, one does not feel the need to worry about brand recognition. Effective customization makes them better than your rivals. Hence, it will be easy for a brand to advertise its lip balms.

8-     At the End-Apply Coatings to Preserve Printed Designs

Durable packaging boxes provide product protection and coatings preserve printed designs. Besides that, coatings provide many other benefits as well. The coatings or laminations give a professional touch to the lip balm packaging. If you want to grab customers’ interest, apply a high-end coating. Matte, glossy, or UV spot coating makes colors and prints look brighter and more prominent. Matte coating gives a dull or satin finish to the visual elements. Furthermore, it will prevent the formation of smudges also. Gloss coating makes custom lip balm boxes look soft, shiny, and elegant. UV spot is good for certain areas of packaging and as the name suggests it protects against harsh UV rays. The coatings enhance the strength of Custom Packaging Boxes as they provide resistance against moisture and lethal rays. One can select any coating option per desire.